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    中文版 | ENGLISH
    About Jinhua
    Profile of Yantai Jinhua Coal Preparation Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Yantai Jinhua Coal Preparation Engineering Co., Ltd. and Jinhua Coal Preparation Branch of Coal Industry Jinan Design & Research Co., Ltd. have coal preparation plant Grade A design qualification and general contracting qualification and have passed the certification of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The company, established in September 2003, is located at Affiliated 11, Lijing Road, Fushan District, Yantai, Shandong, with registered capital of ¥ 20 million.
    The company is mainly engaged in the study of new coal preparation technologies, design of coal preparation plants, provision of complete sets of coal preparation plant equipment, general contracting of coal preparation plant construction engineering, research & development, manufacturing and sales of special coal preparation plant equipment and the research and development of coal preparation industrial automation. The company has always grasped the most advanced domestic and foreign HM coal preparation technologies. 
    The “ Gravity Feeding Three-Product Dense-Medium Cyclone Coal Preparation Technology” developed by the company is one of the most advanced coal preparation technologies in the world. This coal preparation technology can considerably save the investment cost and operation cost of coal preparation plants due to the significant decrease in the number of coal preparation procedures and equipment.
    The “New Secondary Recovery Process For Slurry” developed by the company can maximize the utilization of coal resources, protect the ecological environment and convert up to 70% of slime into middlings,  greatly improving the economic profits of coal preparation plants.
    The automation projects like “Automatic Control System For Parameter Of Dense Medium” and “Coal Preparation Plant Central Control System” developed by the company, advanced and reliable, easy operation, greatly contributing to the reduced cost, improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption of coal preparation plants.
    The company has designed and contracted the construction of around 100 coal preparation plants, of which 92 have been completed and put into operation. The design production capacity of coal preparation plants range from 200,000 tons/year to 3 million tons/year, and has implemented projects in more than 10 provinces and autonomous regions, including Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan.
    The company is committed to the design, construction, research and development of coal preparation projects and at the mean time has obtained remarkable achievements in the research, development and manufacturing of special equipment. The company’s equipment manufacture factory is equipped with advanced modernized equipment for riveting and welding, machining and surface treatment, which can effectively guarantee the manufacturing quality of special coal preparation equipment.
    The company has obtained national practical model patent certificates for the 3-JHC series “Three-Product Dense-Medium Cyclone” (Patent No.: 201020688536.4) , FZH series “Vibrating Overturn Sieve Bend Screen” (Patent No.: 201020688556.1) and DYZ series “ Bunker Dehydration Gate” (Patent No.: 201020688549.1) developed by it and such special equipment as LCG series “Screen-bowl Centrifuge” and ZKJ series “Linear Vibrating Screen” have been produced in batch and widely used.
    “Innovation, Collaboration and Good Faith” is the corporate culture that the company actively advocates and it is the in-depth condensation and summarization of enterprise tenet, enterprise spirit and enterprise concept. Innovation is the fundamental to the company’s survival, collaboration is the soul of the company’s growth and good faith is the basis for the company’s development. 
    Led by the corporate culture mentioned above, the company has brought together excellent stuff members with ability, political integrity and an enterprising spirit. All the main technical personnel of the company have participated in and completed a number of scientific research projects related to coal preparation process and equipment. Most of the designers have designed more than ten or tens of coal preparation plants. The technical team of the company has not only strong scientific research and design ability but also rich experience in the construction and debugging of coal preparation plants.
    In addition, the company is actively expanding into other relevant fields, and has established Jixi Huaju Coal Preparation Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Dongfang Wode Energy Management Co., Ltd. through equity participation and has been entrusted to be responsible for the production and safety of Xinjiang Baoshan Mining Co., Ltd. through equity participation.
    Yantai Jinhua Coal Preparation Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Postal address: Affiliated 11, Lijing Road, Fushan District, Yantai, Shandong
    Post Code: 265503
    Website: www.ztrua.com
    E-mail: ytjhxm@sina.com
    Tel.: (0535)6999833
    Fax: (0535)2945097
      Contact us | Home page | Add | Book | About Jinhua
      Postal address: Affiliated 11, Lijing Road, Fushan District, Yantai, Shandong
    Tel: +86-0535-3807733    E-mail:ytjhxm@sina.com  Post Code: 265503
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